About Us

Natural Farm Group is one of New Zealand’s leading natural health supplement companies, with a full range DNZ® and Newvitto® products currently selling in over 170 retail Pharmacies and Health Stores throughout New Zealand.

Our aim in New Zealand is to provide local customer great health products with the best natural ingredients and superior formulations delivered in a convenient dose. In New Zealand, we believe consumers deserve to have health products that they can trust and believe in. That is why we will continually strive to be the most trusted natural healthcare brand in New Zealand.


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GMP Standards Manufacture site

A good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a production and testing practice that helps to ensure a quality product. Many countries have legislated that pharmaceutical and medical device companies must follow GMP procedures, and have created their own GMP guidelines that correspond with their legislation. Basic concepts of all of these guidelines remain more or less similar to the ultimate goals of safeguarding the health of the patient as well as producing good quality medicine, medical devices or active pharmaceutical products. In the U.S. a drug may be deemed adulterated if it passes all of the specifications tests but is found to be manufactured in a condition which violates current good manufacturing guidelines. Therefore, complying with GMP is a mandatory aspect in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


NZFSA supervised operating process

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) is the New Zealand government body responsible for food safety .NZFSA is also the controlling authority for imports and exports of food and food-related products.
The NZFSA administers legislation covering:
• food for sale in New Zealand
• primary processing of animal products and official assurances related to their export
• exports of plant products and the controls surrounding registration, and
• Use of agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines.


Natural Ingredients Export

Natural Farm Group is the leading supplier of natural products Ingredients, with products tailored to the demanding needs of today’s consumers, marketers and manufactures.
Natural Farm is presented in several countries and territories around the world with a network of offices and distributors covering almost every continent. This international network means our customers can depend on world-class products and service in every corner of the globe. It also means a seamless, single-source supply chain of natural products materials for customers operating in multiple markets.


OEM Opportunities

Natural Farm Group is the leading supplier in NZ. we are not only provide the top brand products but also contract manufacturing a variety of to quality, market ready and customized health supplements to a large number of OEM customers in NZ and overseas markets.
With the manufacturing facility based in Auckland, Natural Farm Group currently holds NZFSA certifications to export natural health supplements. Our manufacturing facility is also certified by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for Good Manufacturing Practice for complementary medicines.